My article “Высший литературно-художественный институт им. В.Я. Брюсова” (“Briusov Higher Institute of Literature and Art”) is published in Зборник матице српске за славистику, No. 103, P. 389-405. The article is published as an appendix to Nikolay Poselyagin’s and Alexandra Bazhenova-Sorokina’s article “Литературно-образовательные сообщества: их специфика, функции, разновидности.” In the appendix you can also find articles on OPOYAZ, the Literary studio at the “World Literature” publishing house and House of Arts, Serapion Brothers, and the Higher State Literary Courses. The main goal of the cluster is to discuss the forms and methods of creative writing instruction in Russia and the Soviet Union.

I would like to thank my colleagues Nikolay Poselyagin, Alexandra Bazhenova-Sorokina, Oleg Lekmanov, Mikhail Sverdlov, Dmitrii Kharitonov, Alexandra Chaban, Maya Kucherskaya, and the editorial board of Матице српске for this collaboration.

You can find the journal here.